07 Jul Unis ‘failing to deliver’ on AI skills

By DAVID MYTON Major global institutions – including academia, industry and governments – are not doing enough to help citizens learn about and adjust to Artificial Intelligence, and neither are they providing sufficient opportunity for lifelong learning. Further, the education provided by traditional universities “is failing...

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01 Jul Shaping a new, positive future of work amid great change

By DAVID MYTON It is imperative that governments, academic institutions, businesses and individuals consider how to proactively shape a new, positive future of work rather than give way to inertia and passivity. So says a recent White Paper from the World Economic Forum report Eight Futures of Work – Scenarios...

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01 Jul Preparing for a data-centred model of teaching and learning

By DAVID MYTON Preparing for a more data-centered approach to teaching, learning, and advising will require a strategy to upskill key institutional roles and develop a clear understanding of what is being measured across multiple platforms, according to a new report. The expanse of data now available...

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14 Feb Top six trends in highered

By DAVID MYTON Reduced return on investment for students, cuts in government spending, and “significant skills mismatches between graduates’ abilities and the jobs available” are driving six new trends in higher education, according to a new report from The Brookings Institution. Authors Emal Dusst and Rebecca Winthrop argue that...

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07 Dec Investment in human capital a ‘no regrets’ policy

By DAVID MYTON Whatever the future holds, investment in human capital is “a no-regrets policy” that prepares people for the challenges ahead, says the World Bank in its latest examination of the changing nature of work. Three types of skills, it says, are increasingly important in today’s labour...

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