30 Jun Is there a place in higher education for different approaches to learning? HECG HIGHERED TRENDWATCH

It’s been called “the challenge-driven university” – a new model of higher education that emphasises a different approach to student learning. Traditional methods such as lectures and exams are spurned in favour of team work focused on practical problems, with businesses often sponsoring projects and...

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23 Jun Do university leaders know enough about business? HECG HIGHERED TRENDWATCH

In recent decades higher education has become a major economic force around the globe. But have university managers correspondingly become sufficiently business-like? Well, there may be room for improvement according to one opinion this week. But first, the scale – it’s big. According to a Deloitte Access...

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16 Jun Will university education become as commonplace as mobile phones? HECG HIGHERED TRENDWATCH

The ever-perceptive Simon Marginson posed an intriguing question in a recent speech to the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning conference in Taiwan. It was - Will higher education become as commonplace as mobile phones? While he didn’t outright answer his own question, the...

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11 May Is the Anglo-Saxon view of universities doomed? HECG HIGHERED TRENDWATCH

Tucked away in the stories accompanying the release of the THE World Reputation Rankings 2016 is a thought-provoking comment from Paul Blackmore, professor of Higher Education at King’s College London’s Policy Institute. Reflecting on the strong performance of Asian universities in their continuing climb up the rankings,...

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03 May Philosopher’s college may prove to be disruptive innovation: HECG HIGHERED TRENDWATCH

Brains and Bloomsbury seem to go together. The bustling central London suburb is home to the British Museum, the University of London, and several leading medical institutions. Back in the smog-filled day Charles Dickens roamed its streets and later the likes of Virginia Woolf, John...

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