19 Jan Creative adaptation: what higher education can learn from a study of sport

Universities and sports share some commonalities: they have been around a long time, are essentially conservative, are of enormous benefit to young people and yet treasure the wisdom of the old, are part of our cultural heritage, people have strong opinions about them, and, whether...

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14 Jan These simple strategies will help your university to develop rewarding links with alumni

Many universities are nowhere close to optimising their relationship with their alumni. Here are some ways universities can make the most out of their graduates – including drawing on their skills, their wisdom and their experience - to the mutual benefit of all concerned. The dividend...

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13 Jan To increase student recruitment university Faculties must tell their own great stories: Here’s how

HECG believes that the impetus for increased student recruitment must begin and end in individual university Faculties. It is true that Faculties do engage in marketing and recruitment activities, however what frequently occurs is that they tend to duplicate the efforts of centralized expert departments rather...

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11 Jan How digital marketing + empathy attracts more international students

A young woman in Chennai is delighted beyond measure when she learns she has been made an offer to study in a well-regarded Australian university. Her family are equally excited and they hold a celebratory dinner that evening in her honour, with her parents, grandparents,...

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18 Dec Deakin University is Innovator of the Year: verdict from our 2015 in review

By David Wright, HECG Managing Director The year dawned with a shadow looming over the sector from continued pressure on funding and concerns when the potential saviour fee deregulation was road-blocked in the Senate. However, 2015 closes with a wave of positivity - more funding, increased Government...

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