05 Apr HECG HIGHERED TRENDWATCH: Has the liberal arts degree passed its use-by date?

Many thousands of highly successful people are the proud owners of liberal arts degrees, majoring in subjects ranging from modern history to literature. The roll call includes CEOs of major companies, politicians, academics, journalists, actors, policymakers, TV and movie producers, executives across a wide range...

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21 Mar Want to be like Melbourne? The art of developing great relationships with alumni

Recently Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, reflected on his institution’s outstanding success in raising more than $500m thanks to the generosity of 20,000 donors the majority of whom were alumni. The money will be well spent: 24 new professorships, $150m in...

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02 Mar Where there’s a WIL there’s a way for universities and students

After years of fragmented and low-level approaches it is now action stations in higher education as the sector comes to grips with the challenges and opportunities inherent in Work Integrated Learning. Most, if not all, universities have WIL programs, ranging from case studies to fully-paid...

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25 Feb Regional universities: how enormous potential can be realised

By David Wright Many of you would have seen the recent article in The Australian Higher Education section titled Regional universities a rich and exciting resource at our doorstep by National's Senator Bridget McKenzie.  I totally agree with her argument. HECG acts for both regional and city...

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18 Feb HECG HIGHERED TRENDWATCH: Visions of the university of the future

[caption id="attachment_415" align="aligncenter" width="662"] In our previous post we asked if traditional universities would be able to navigate the coming ‘Millennial storm’ in which a new generation of students with fresh hopes, dreams and perspectives would demand a higher education more suited to their changed...

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04 Feb More good news for HECG’s innovative collaborative model for International Recruiting and how we can help you to succeed

After a successful redesign of international practice for customers in Sydney, Tasmania and Chicago, HECG continues to successfully revamp international education with other clients. We can’t claim all of this success as our own - that is not true or how we work.   Our model...

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