07 Nov Students losing interest in politics

By DAVID MYTON University students overwhelmingly prefer to join campus organisations that are issue-based rather than those that are traditional political party-based, according to new study from the United States. “For traditional political parties, the research … shows that old-style electioneering activities and organisations are not resonating...

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12 Oct Graduate researchers, business to benefit from new guidelines

By DAVID MYTON Across the world governments and universities have been working to develop a new model of the PhD that aligns more with national industrial, economic and social goals. Australia is now taking steps on the same path, its latest move being the release of new guidelines...

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28 Sep Human capital key in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By DAVID MYTON Businesses will need to recognise investment in human capital is “an asset rather than a liability” if they are to succeed in the unfolding Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. Ensuring positive outcomes and a future of good...

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22 Sep Recruiters reveal top graduate learning outcomes

By DAVID MYTON A graduate with proficiency and skills garnered from across disciplines is more likely to find favour with company job recruiters, according to a new survey for the Association of American Colleges and Universities. The survey sought the views of 500 private sector business executives and...

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