02 Aug The rise and rise of the PVC: HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON On any measure higher education today is a big enterprise. In Australia alone, the sector employs more than 100,000 staff, educates over a million students, total operating revenue amounts to around $27 billion, and conducts often ground-breaking research across diverse fields. The university “business model”...

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26 Jul University ensures learning is a family affair: HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON There are many fine examples of universities interacting with their local communities to drive access, boost employability and to help to stimulate economic growth. Here in Australia the University of Tasmania and Federation University, to name just two, are doing excellent work in...

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12 Jul Universities get set to clear up admissions standards: HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON Australia’s universities will be extra busy these next few months as they get down to work on developing new transparent and consistent student admissions requirements due to be put in place and operating from August onwards. They will be working from a new admissions transparency...

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05 Jul New teaching excellence ranking gives the sector a shake: HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON Some of England’s elite universities found themselves in an unusually awkward position recently having flunked out badly in a new ranking system that seeks to measure teaching excellence. University executives, hitherto used to modestly accepting the acclaims of greatness and prestige bestowed upon them...

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21 Jun Are universities failing to support women’s career aspirations? HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON It’s been a heady time for highered policy wonks and number crunchers in England with the release recently of the new Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data. LEO is particularly interesting because it links tax data to education records, offering a new insight into how university graduates...

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