17 May Yes, universities can really boost their local communities: HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON Professor Ellen Hazelkorn’s argument that many higher education institutions have disengaged themselves from their local communities (see my previous HECG Trendwatch) has been challenged this week by Universities Australia. In its latest newsletter UA says Australia’s higher education sector is globally oriented but also has...

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19 Apr Admissions and dropouts: time to adjust highered’s moral compass? HECG Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON Universities have a job on their hands this year as they figure out how to ensure their admissions systems and entry requirements are equitable, transparent and understandable. They don’t have much choice in the matter. First, Peter Shergold's Higher Education Standards Panel on undergraduate entry requirements...

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12 Apr Why the Anglo-Saxon view of highered may be a thing of the past: HECG Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON Accompanying Times Higher’s World Reputation Rankings last year was a thought-provoking comment from Paul Blackmore, professor of Higher Education at King’s College London’s Policy Institute. Reflecting on the strong performance of Asian universities in their continuing climb up the rankings, Professor Blackmore declared: “We’ve had...

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07 Apr Collaborative research links get a welcome lift: HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON The Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda has copped its share of flak during its lifetime (viz: “whimsical cash-splash for inner-city hipsters”) but there it still is, chugging along, funnelling not a little of its $1.1 billion in the direction of highered. One of...

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