HECG’s International Marketing wizard George Hernandez asked a very interesting question in a blog on this page last year – considering that most students choose a country before choosing an educational institution, shouldn’t the marketing and recruitment departments of these education providers make a better effort at highlighting the strengths of a country?

George answered his own question with a carefully argued and data-backed “yes, of course they should”.  Universities in Australia, he said, rarely spelled out the immense and unarguable attractions of living in Australia. This is a strange oversight, considering that most international students choose a country in which they want to study before selecting their preferred university.

Adding ammunition to George’s case is the 2015 QS Best Student Cities, which draws on 18 indicators to score each city in five key categories: university rankings, student mix, desirability, employer activity and affordability. QS then devises a methodology (read in full here) to reveal which of the world’s great cities offer the best student experience and outcomes.

No 1 in the Top 50 is Paris (of course) and third is London (no surprise). What made HECG sit up and pay attention is that No 2 in the ranking is Melbourne and No 4 is Sydney. Coming in at a creditable 21 is Canberra, with Brisbane at 23, Adelaide at 29 and Perth 38. Don’t forget, these cities are in competition with world-famous places such as New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Zurich and Milan, among others, straddling some 29 countries.

George was bang on the money, and this is hard evidence supporting his case for promoting not just the university, but the city and country in which it resides. To find out how HECG can help you with your international marketing strategy check out our contact details here.