11 Aug Why failure is a necessary condition of success for highered: HECG trendwatch

The light bulb is commonly used as an illustration to accompany articles about innovation and science (see above). It is a universally recognised symbol of discovery – the a-ah! moment when the researcher/inventor finally finds the big breakthrough or cracks a hitherto unsolvable problem. A light...

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21 Jul How highered can innovate to help students face the challenges ahead: HECG TRENDWATCH

  This year’s NMC Horizon Report on shifts and currents in higher education spotlights a “long term impact trend” which it says will need governments to prioritize major education reforms to help universities “restructure themselves around increasing the employability of their students”. The report, now in...

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16 Jun Will university education become as commonplace as mobile phones? HECG HIGHERED TRENDWATCH

The ever-perceptive Simon Marginson posed an intriguing question in a recent speech to the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning conference in Taiwan. It was - Will higher education become as commonplace as mobile phones? While he didn’t outright answer his own question, the...

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