An article in The Australian Higher Education Section today cites work by HECG’s Kylie Colvin, which analyses the return of investment of university marketing strategies.

HES editor Julie Hare, quoting Kylie’s analysis, writes that Charles Sturt University had the most effective marketing strategy in 2012, getting a return on its investment more than four times the national average.

Julie Hare writes, in part:

CSU produced a stellar 22.3 per cent return on its 2012 marketing budget of $4.7 million which helped realise a $30.5m increase in student revenue.

CSU was followed by Sydney University, which had a 16.2 per cent return on its $4.9m marketing spend and Australian Catholic University which spent $3.8m on marketing and student recruitment.

The analysis by Kylie Colvin from the Higher Education Consulting Group, looked at the increase in student revenue between 2012-13 and the institution’s marketing budget. The higher the increase in revenue in relation to marketing expenses, the better the university’s return on investment.

“I had expected that the Group of Eight would perform well since they have a halo effect of status and reputation. But that’s not what I found,” Ms Colvin said.

“The three major inter­national rankings of universities have agreed for the past five years on the top nine universities.

“We’d expect to see this group with a high return on investment because they have a head start on other universities in both domestic and international markets due to their prestige and reputation — some marketing is already done for them.”

While Sydney performed exceptionally well, only Melbourne and Adelaide performed well above the average.

Kylie’s full HECG analysis can be read here.

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