After a successful redesign of international practice for customers in Sydney, Tasmania and Chicago, HECG continues to successfully revamp international education with other clients.

We can’t claim all of this success as our own – that is not true or how we work.   Our model is different from the standard management consultancy or marketing consultancy offer because we focus on developing the appropriate team’s capability for the long term – delivering initial results with them and then that team delivers the result from then on.

Our new model has three key planks:

  1. Smart use of data at each stage in the recruitment process can produce big total results – for example see our Cycle of Sustainability model, which illustrates how predictable, measurable and accountable steps at each stage create an efficient and sustainable recruitment program.
  2. Differentiation at better meeting students needs and desires is where success is to be found for most universities. This means a different focus from traditional institutional branding, new tactics that make you stand out, and developing a much closer working relationship with faculties.  Such an approach will develop your future Brand Power for continuing success.
  3. Recruiting is not an art driven by chance.   A number of strategies and techniques from other industries are severely under-utilised in universities but these approaches can drive outstanding measurable and predictable results far superior to those that rely on out-dated traditional models (for examples see our posts on Digital Marketing with Empathy, Google Glass and on developing mutually beneficial relationships with alumni).

Every university in Australia has powerful, sustainable differentiators yet most fail to realise the benefit of these if utilised in a predictable, targeted fashion.

The method we bring recognises that increasingly significant contributions to the international recruiting effort must come from outside of central operations.

Faculty, students and stakeholders are far more important to success than ever.   While early wins are always available, embedded long-term success is about working in a collaborative and coordinated way to build communities of interest that become integral to all stages of the cycle.

This means working with each other over periods of time – listening, learning and transferring knowledge both ways and committing to achieving joint benefits.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about how HECG can help you to meet your goals.