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15 Nov Chinese students and the importance of a country’s culture

By DAVID MYTON Chinese students who prefer a particular country’s culture are significantly more likely to also name that country as their preferred overseas study destination, according to a new report from the British Council. And students who say they are “interested” or “very interested” in overseas culture...

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12 Apr Why the Anglo-Saxon view of highered may be a thing of the past: HECG Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON Accompanying Times Higher’s World Reputation Rankings last year was a thought-provoking comment from Paul Blackmore, professor of Higher Education at King’s College London’s Policy Institute. Reflecting on the strong performance of Asian universities in their continuing climb up the rankings, Professor Blackmore declared: “We’ve had...

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23 Mar Lots of reasons to be cheerful about international education (for now): HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON There were smiles all round and optimism aplenty when senior government ministers and education leaders met in Canberra for the first meeting of the new Council for International Education late last year. The Brexit- and Trump-fuelled angst gripping highered types in the northern...

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