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12 Sep Creativity key to success in the age of digital upheaval: HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON Increasing demands from employers for digitally literate graduates are substantially driving changes in edutech and the way highered education is being delivered, according to a new report. Emerging new fields such as robotics, autonomous transportation, biotechnology, and genomics call for graduate skill-sets centred on...

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05 Jul New teaching excellence ranking gives the sector a shake: HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON Some of England’s elite universities found themselves in an unusually awkward position recently having flunked out badly in a new ranking system that seeks to measure teaching excellence. University executives, hitherto used to modestly accepting the acclaims of greatness and prestige bestowed upon them...

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04 Apr Are academics equipped to deal with the big digital disruption? HECG Highered Trendwatch

By DAVID MYTON It is widely accepted that universities are facing massive challenges as society transitions from the industrial age into the digital era. Higher education’s traditional “business model” is being battered by technological disruptions in parallel with growing demands that it be responsible for the constant...

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