HECG believes that the impetus for increased student recruitment must begin and end in individual university Faculties. It is true that Faculties do engage in marketing and recruitment activities, however what frequently occurs is that they tend to duplicate the efforts of centralized expert departments rather than utilise their own knowledge of the needs of their students and why students want their specific courses.

And so because centralised marketers, recruitment and PR professionals cannot be everywhere and see everything, many outstanding opportunities for promoting the brilliant work of Faculties and their staff and students go begging.

The consequences of this are deeper than just missing out on publicity or innovative marketing campaigns.

Failure of Faculties effectively to articulate why their courses are more beneficial for students or different from their competitors can have disastrous outcomes: if enough students are not interested in pursuing a particular module/program of study then university managers may have no choice but to terminate it.

So future generations face missing out on valuable learning experiences as an important branch of knowledge passes away.

Ultimately it is up to individual Faculties to build their student recruitment capabilities.

This is entirely feasible and practical.

It may be thought that marketing and public relations has nothing to do with learning, teaching and research. In this view, it is a job for specific professionals who possess the necessary skills – professional educators and their colleagues are there to teach, not preach.

HECG believes this position belongs in a previous era.

The communications revolution – the advent of the Internet and a vast array of social networking and media platforms – has been a truly disruptive event. Today, people can watch what they want, when and where they want. They can read what they want at their convenience on their device of choice – from mobile phone to tablet to laptop. They are open to anyone with a message that interests them.

Think of your Faculty and drill down to the various schools and departments (or whatever nomenclature is used in your university) and consider all the great work that is being carried out, but which does not make the headlines.

If you don’t tell their stories, who will?

To help you in this process HECG’s team of expert marketers and media professionals has compiled a practical “how to” guide on presenting the work of your Faculty in the best light, focusing on achievable and workable strategies that will lead to increased student recruitment.

The full guide is available for download here.

For more information contact HECG on +61 403 302 710 or online here.