International education: Higher Education Consulting Group

David Wright didn’t need to do much digging to see the business opportunity in international education. From the moment he left his role as vice-president at Macquarie University he was approached by a US university needing help developing its international capability.

“The average university in Australia is 22-24 per cent international students – that’s almost double the UK and 10 times the US,” Wright says. “Places around the world are looking to Australia to say: How do we manage agents? How do we manage pathways? How do we manage marketing in-country?”

Although the business was officially launched only in June, it was fielding calls from early in the year.

Wright also sees an opportunity to ride the international education growth wave on home turf, helping Australian universities maintain their world-leading position via strategy development using data-driven activities and operational marketing such as market segmentation.

That would involve working with Australian universities to help them identify their strengths and how they are represented in an international market. “How do they segment those strengths into markets and match that strength to the right segment?”

The challenge? Identifying and building relationships with the people within universities responsible for strategic development.

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