An article in the UK Guardian Higher Education Network reveals that last year UK universities saw a record level of new funds secured from alumni. However, it adds, the picture is not universally positive:

While the number of alumni involved in philanthropic giving continues to grow, it still remains stubbornly low at 2%. Of the 9.5 million contactable alumni, just over 183,000 made a donation in the period covered. Just six universities reported receiving donations from more than 5% of their alumni.

Universities must invest if they want to see a growth in donations.

A related report says it appears that the bulk of the funds raised via donations and gifts went to Oxbridge and other members of the Russell Group of leading research universities such as Manchester and Imperial College.

Noting these reports, HECG’s CEO David Wright says it is clear that many universities need to learn how to generate a smarter and more caring approach to alumni relations.

A university’s best advertisement is its graduates, says David, yet at best many institutions treat their alumni as if they are a cash cow to be milked at increasingly frequent intervals.

“Across the board universities are failing to understand that much higher value – both direct financial revenues but also increased alumni social, academic, business, mentoring and life-skills contributions – can be generated if a more sophisticated and caring approach is taken to alumni relations,” says David.

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