Yves Morieux, the uber-insightful senior partner and director of the Boston Consulting Group’s Institute for Organization, is an expert in how overarching changes in company structures can improve motivation for all who work there – he calls this approach “Smart Simplicity.” A recent brilliant speech for TED entitled How too many rules at work keep you from getting things done is well worth watching as he brings all his empathy, human understanding and outstanding business skills to illuminate and transcend this common issue facing many businesses.

We at HECG with our 50-plus years combined experience working in universities, well understand how the nature of a business or organisation can be so overwhelmed by complexity that they get trapped inside the very structures, processes, and systems they put in place to navigate a way through an increasingly competitive and difficult marketplace.

Instead of going forward, they tend to stall amidst a plethora of, as he puts it, “summaries, proxies, reports, key performance indicators, metrics … and as performance deteriorates, we add even more structure, process, systems”. 

“People spend their time in meetings, writing reports they have to do, undo and redo. Based on our analysis, teams in these organizations spend between 40 and 80 per cent of their time wasting their time, but working harder and harder, longer and longer, on less and less value-adding activities.”

In such situations HECG can help your organisation to short-circuit its obstacles and move ahead into increased productivity and profitability.

Our prime advantage is that we are not part of the existing problem. In fact, as outside consultants we are not entrapped by organisational protocols and habits. We can see problems for what they are – then help you to put them right.

We put our clients first, we work with you to identify your goals, and we stay with you until those goals are reached and the necessary skills are embedded in your team.

We at HECG work closely with our clients, establishing them at the very centre of the structures we develop in close consultation with key staff, so that solutions are especially tailored for the unique demands of your institution.

We do what we need to do – and for HECG that means coming up with ideas that work in the real world. And when the job is finished, we move on.

Our primary goals are:

  • To transfer skills and embed capabilities
  • Ensure shared business objectives
  • To create long term measurements and establish ongoing management; and
  • To create demand pipelines to ensure future success


HECG can help your institution to achieve your goals in the area you deem necessary for improvement.

This is not just talk. As one example you can read here how we assisted one university to develop cutting-edge international marketing strategies, with the primary focus on utilising innovation to increase marketing impact while concurrently reducing costs. We succeeded in both challenges.

Here is another example of how we devised solutions for universities to make the most of their alumni’s talents and capacity for giving back to their alma mater.

Finally, but by no means least, here is an example of how we demonstrated to universities why international student post-offer time is absolutely crucial in enhancing overseas student recruitment.

To find out how we can help you go to our website or contact us here or simply email us at admin@he-cg.com or phone +61 403 302 710